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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for sign ups?

TCYF does not want to turn kids away, period!  Every year we have athletes who come in late due to family vacations, moving here from different cities, or healing up from summer bicycle mishaps; however, we do have a deadline that occurs during the actual season, when several games have already been played.  Sign ups can be submitted online on our Registration Page, mailed in, or completed at any of our scheduled events, including practices.

Cheer athletes need uniforms that are typically ordered in advance, and must learn routines, so latecomers should definitely speak with our Cheer Coordinator asap.  For the 2019 season, our cheer deadline was August 22 at noon.  We are sorry to turn athletes away, but our cheer parents purchase their uniforms as a group.

Football players must have ten practices completed before taking the field (this is a safety issue).  Coaches may, at their discretion, schedule extra practices to get kids in the game sooner.

What about payment?

Payment may be made online by clicking the TCYF Products at the bottom of the webpage and following instructions. Payment by check or cash can be made at any of our scheduled events, including Gear Days and Combined practices, or mailed to our PO Box listed on our website.  We understand many folks budget for their young athlete’s sports, so we keep it simple:  we have early signups so we know what our equipment and coaching needs will be.  We trust parents to make payment when able, or payment arrangements.

The TCYF board members have been very clear that they do not want to turn any young athlete away because their family is unable to pay.  They have worked hard to partner with generous private and business sponsors in our community and have succeeded in providing very low sign up fees.  It is quite common to have costs in other organizations run into the hundreds.

Uniform costs for Cheer will vary; as the season approaches, our Cheer Coordinator will address those questions.

We do have limited scholarships, and those are awarded by the President.  For families that are in need, you’ll need to to get a scholarship application, so contact our President, Matt Sayers via our email:  Families also help out with used cleats, etc., so reach out to our coaches and let the TCYF family help you!

When and where are games and practices?

Games are on Saturdays, from early September into October, either at Centralia or Chehalis High School Stadiums.  The schedule is determined after the draft.

Practices and times are determined by individual coaches, but will typically be from 5-7 pm and likely reduce to 5-6:30 as we lose the light in October.  Practices may be 4-5 days a week for the first two weeks until the first games (to get the kids their required minimum and get them ready).  Typically, after the first game, practices may reduce to 2-3 days a week, at coaches discretion.

Chehalis teams are often practiced at Stan Hedwall Park, and Centralia teams behind the Centralia High School.  For Tackle, the first practices are the Combined Practices on our Calendar.  Coaches then draft teams and contact parents to inform them of practice times.  Cheer and Flag may have different start days; parents will be contacted by their athlete’s coach.  It is important to Like and Follow our Facebook page for updates.  The league encourages a responsible parent to step up as Team Mom and set up a group text for last minute changes, and assist Coach with team business.

What if we missed Gear Day, and where do we pickup gear?

We usually have two Gear Days (Check our Calendar for July and/or August), and folks should try to make one of them, but if you miss it, don’t worry!  If you have Gear issues, arrive at practice one half hour early!  Coaches often collect gear at our gear shed to outfit their team and/or replace damaged gear, so be assured we will get them geared up and in the game.  TCYF provides helmet, shoulder pads, pants and pads, mouth piece, practice jersey and game jersey.  Parents provide cleats, socks, shorts and shirt.

Our TCYF gear shed is located south of the old Olympic Elementary School  (2057 SW Salsbury Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532). Turn off of Bishop Road into the rear parking lot just south of Salsbury Ave and the building is on the right, at the edge of the TCYF sports field.

What can I do to help TCYF?

Contact the President, a Board Member or coach for specific information.  TCYF wouldn’t exist without volunteers!  Parents and members of the community have stepped up for fifty years to continue a great league.  We have folks pitching in whose kids have long since grown out of our league, and we need new volunteers to step up and give back to the youth of our communities.  There are many small ways you can help right now; for instance, follow us on Facebook and like and share our posts to get the word out.  You can also help out with fundraisers, say a carwash for cheer uniforms, or provide a basket or item for our benefit dinner and auction.  Folks without coaching experience can still step up as an assistant, after background check.

Many businesses buy an ad in our program, sponsor a team, sponsor a field or a specific camp/clinic.  You can also inquire about ways to help other families out, like providing a scholarship for a young athlete.  Some families purchase their own gear for their kids and later donate to the league, and we are always happy if someone wants to donate a new helmet to the league.  Contact a league official about the types of donated equipment we allow; for instance, old helmets are not our friends!

What documents do I need to provide?

When you tell us how old your athlete is, we believe you! There is no ID or Birth Certificates necessary. You’ll need to fill out the registration form, sign a medical waiver and a concussion info sheet before the first practice, in addition to signing for issued gear.  We’ll have those available at all of our events.

I’m concerned about injuries; is it safe for my child to participate?

This is a concern which every parent deliberates about with any sport or activity their child participates in.  Our league and our coaches listen to the parents, period. You decide.

Safety is our number one priority.  We do our best to fit the athletes with the right gear.  Helmets are reconditioned and recertified every two years.  We purchase new helmets often because helmets can only be used for a handful of years.  Coaches attend clinics to learn latest techniques for athlete safety, like proper fitting of gear and strategies to reduce risk of injury in practices and games.

Coaches teach safe, heads up tackling, and athletes are started off slowly and carefully with tackling pads to establish proper technique.  Eventually, they participate in controlled live tackling drills under close supervision.  After many repetitions and competent performance, athletes may take the field.

We have weight limits in place that start larger athletes in the tackle box (a described shape on the line).  For 3rd and 4th grade B squad, only athletes under 95lbs run the ball.  The limit is 120lbs for the 5th and 6th grade A squads.  Athletes may be weighed before every game.  For more info on our safety, feel free to bring up any concerns to your coach or any Board Member.

How much playing time will my child get?

Our league policy is that every athlete who shows up to practices gets a minimum of ten plays every game.  This is not a suggestion, it’s a rule, and every coach knows this.  Every athlete has different abilities, so each will get various amounts of playing time.  Coaches are watchful to match kids well and place them in positions they can successfully fill.

Typical organizations may have 30 or more kids on one team.  With 30 kids on a team, 19 will sit on the bench during the entire game!  This is unacceptable.  There are kids (that get very little playing time in many other organizations in our state), who would have a good shot at a starting position on a TCYF team.  At TCYF, we want the kids to participate, and therefore, in the example of 30 kids on a team, we would have two teams of 15 each.  That’s twice as many starting players, fewer kids on the bench and much more fun for the kids, parents and coaches!