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Welcome to Packer Football!

You play one of us, you play all of us!

This is our creed.    We are stronger than our weakest link because we are more than a chain: we are a brotherhood, bonded by hard work, respect for each other and an unwavering desire to lift each other up to the next level with selfless courage, extreme toughness and superb character.

Packers are not focused on winning.  Why not?  Because winning simply happens for Packers. Winning is just the natural byproduct of our true focus:  pushing ourselves to be better teammates, citizens and athletes.

Packers love football, not the numbers on a scoreboard.  We seek adversity, challenge, the opportunity to attempt the impossible.  Bring a select team of all stars to our field, because Packers love a battle!  It’s what we practice for every day:  bringing ourselves to the next level, accomplishing the unexpected, and walking away at the end with our head held high, knowing we left it all on the field!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Packers are proud to be a part of the Twin Cities Youth Football league, and we hold ourselves to being TCYF role models.  Packers respect for each other extends to respecting our opponents, and we show that with fair play and good sportsmanship.

Packer coaching is simple:  keep our team safe, teach solid fundamental football and lift each athlete up with positive feedback, building self-esteem and confidence.  We aren’t the typical select team where eleven youths are groomed to play and the others sit the bench, taught to be satisfied with the bench and happy that they belong to a winning team, even though they hardly play.  Packers HATE the bench!!!  They want in the game!  And you can believe they are going to get their shot!